Jess | 18  | Sydney

I am currently on a 4 month trip, travelling through Europe, with just a backpack and my good friend Steph , and absolutely loving every second of it. It’s always been my dream to travel, so as soon as school finished I did everything to make it happen. I am all about comfort & leisure, so that reflects in my style – I am, and always have been obsessed with baggy shirts. I love colour, hats, anything second hand/vintage & just being playful & having fun with what I wear.

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Sorrento & Capri

Sorrento is a little coastal town on the Amalfi Coast, packed with tourists, but still slow paced and homely. After Rome, and the long train from Naples with our big bags, a sea change was just what we needed.

We stayed in a little air bnb on the main street, which was surrounded by lemon trees and was a 2 minute walk from the ocean. Sorrento consisted of lots of home made meals, singing and cooking, burning holes in tea towells, sunsets, wandering through the cobble stone streets & our first swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea.​

We also went on a boat tour to Capri, where we ended up arriving 4 hours early, and it started raining, so we found ourselves playing connect 4 with pebbles and spending too much money on stingey italian toilets. The clouds cleared & it ended up being so beautiful, the water was an amazing blue , and we explored around towering cliffs and inside caves with glowing orange coral. After realising that Capri was made for rich people, watching everyone heading off on their private rental boats, we pretended to fit in and went to the beach club for cocktails (where I also found out that martinis are not my friend).


A land of pastel coloured terraces, gelato at every corner, pizza & pasta and the constant
buzzing of vespers. After jumping off a bus without Steph, seeing her ride off into the distance, butt grabs on the metro, getting lost in the vatican, getting lost everywhere – our first taste of Italy kicked off to a very colourful start.


We flew into Mykonos with open minds and no idea what to expect – with our first introduction to the island being out of the plane window – looking down at the clumps of white houses, setting sun, peachy skies and the dark blue Aegean Sea. It was 100% the most beautiful, picturesque flight I have ever been on.

We spent the two days there wandering through Mykonos town, eating, going to the beach, eating some more, walking lots, drinking wine and lazing by the pool. The town is like a big, beautiful maze, every corner you turn there are stray cats, insta boyfriends trying to get the best angles, souvlaki, gyros, bakeries, crisp white houses and bright pink flowers. It is impossible to go into town without overdosing on gyros and pastries, the food is amazing. The party culture is a bit much though, in some parts of the island, like the beaches, it can feel a whole lot like a cruise ship full of drunk, sunburnt, bucket hat wearing guys riding atvs and fist pumping to hard style had just emptied out onto the shore. In saying that, when you look beyond all the parties, tourists, cringey tank top slogans (”Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Mykonos”) and cat calls, there really is a lot of beauty to be seen on this lavish, white washed island, but 2 days was definitely enough for us.

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