Local clothing brand from Sydney ‘Viceroy Streetwear‘ caught our eye and we had to find out about these boys. Locally sourced, and ethically produced these boys are making a killing out of their unique, trendy streetwear. We heard from Nick Reinhard to find out more about the amazing brand.

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Viceroy’s is all about creating simplistic designs which have an emphasis on symmetry, we have tried to create a brand which appeals to everyday Australians regardless of whether you surf, skate, snowboard…  anyone can rep viceroy.

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Viceroy is located in the southern highlands of N.S.W which is about an hour south of Sydney and about 30 minutes from Wollongong, it’s is a very cold and mountains place and I think that has shaped a lot of our designs. Viceroy is run from a warehouse which is situated at my  house which adds a lot of character to the business I think.
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My personal style  has greatly shaped the designs viceroy has put out as I always keep in mind what I would like in a shirt or hoodie before designing my clothing I would never design something that I wouldn’t wear and I think that is the way to build a good brand as it ensures a whole hearted approach to the business. This is made a lot easier as we make all of our products on site and I can test designs out within a couple of hours and we can fine tune things very easily as we don’t have to wait weeks for the product to be made. Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.17.04 pm
I think using locally made products reflects the Viceroy’s production process as mentioned before we do not outsource any of our embroidery or printing so using Australian products adds another point of difference for us.  My main influences would be brands like supreme, barney cools , eat your water I have gone with a similar vibe as supreme but added hints of Australian culture to there designs.