Lia Art

Lia | 28 | Moscow Lia is a 28-old classically trained Russian visual artist. Originally from Moscow, Lia is embracing free-spirited nomadic lifestyle, preferring not to settle down in one location but travel the world. Among the countries she lived and worked in are Vietnam, Indonesia, Great Britain and Spain. "While quite often traditional art is … Continue reading Lia Art


Anneke Stöpler

Anneke Stöpler | 18 |Western Australia  My interest in film photography commenced in late 2014 and ever since it has proven to be a true passion of mine. As my involvement deepened, I became more enterprising with my work, focussing on creating more engaging photos with my own unique style. I love working with the elements … Continue reading Anneke Stöpler


Sofia | 16 | Southern California My name is Sofia (aka @theretrorae) and I am a 16 year old photographer living in Southern California! I recently took up photography and absolutely fell in love! Women are a constant theme in my photos, I love women empowerment and seeing girls be confident in their own skin. In addition … Continue reading TheRetroRae

Kelly Maker

Kelly Maker | 22  | Melbourne, Australia   I’m a freelance photographer and digital artist, my work focuses heavily on collage art with a twist. I’ve cultivated particular styles of collage, starting with the paper edits which were my first creations around a year ago, expanding into my regular styles of Illustrations, Invisibles, Florals, Glitter, and Moving … Continue reading Kelly Maker