Daniela | 17 | Italy My name is Daniela, I'm 17 and I live in a small Italian city. I document most of my complex feelings in my journals, and a lot of them are expressed without using words. My artistic side definitely comes from my grandpa. He was a professional pianist and he also … Continue reading Daniela



Jaxson | 18 | Montana  I'm Jaxson Davis, I am an 18 year old self taught artist from Billings, Montana! I recently graduated from high school last month. I have been drawing since I was in second grade. I remember drawing superheroes every night before I went to bed. I drew a countless amounts from … Continue reading JaxDavArts


Sofia | 16 | Southern California My name is Sofia (aka @theretrorae) and I am a 16 year old photographer living in Southern California! I recently took up photography and absolutely fell in love! Women are a constant theme in my photos, I love women empowerment and seeing girls be confident in their own skin. In addition … Continue reading TheRetroRae

Kelly Maker

Kelly Maker | 22  | Melbourne, Australia   I’m a freelance photographer and digital artist, my work focuses heavily on collage art with a twist. I’ve cultivated particular styles of collage, starting with the paper edits which were my first creations around a year ago, expanding into my regular styles of Illustrations, Invisibles, Florals, Glitter, and Moving … Continue reading Kelly Maker

Dear Adults

Penny Grace | 14 | Orange County  I enjoy writing, art, literature, and my friends and family. My mom taught me growing up to always stand up for what's right in situations of injustice, which is what I i constantly try to do every day. - Words from Penny Grace | Photos Roisin Cairney -

Viceroy Streetwear

Local clothing brand from Sydeny 'Viceroy Streetwear' caught our eye and we had to find out about these boys. Locally sourced, and ethically produced these boys are making a killing out of their unique, trendy streetwear. We heard from Nick Reinhard to find out more about the amazing brand. Check them out x  http://viceroystreetwear.com.au/ | I.G @viceroy_streetwear WHAT IS … Continue reading Viceroy Streetwear